Other Services

New Hope Mills offers storage and fulfillment options for our wholesale customers.

You will be charged a flat monthly rate per pallet. Storage options may not always be available
and is dependent on the amount of space available in our warehouse.

You have the option to not only have us store your product, but we can ship your products
to your customers as well. There will be a fulfillment fee on top of whatever applicable storage fees.
The fulfillment fee is a variable fee and will depend on the size of the individual order.

For more details please talk with your sales representative.

The services of the New Hope Mills R&D Department are available to both new and existing
Private Label and Food Service customers. We specialize in dry mix formula development,
product matching, and existing product troubleshooting and reformulation. Talk to us about
your project’s nutritional, sensory, and price goals - We love unique and challenging projects!